Sunday, April 27, 2014

Willow Tree Minerals Review (Mother's Day Review

As a mom it seems like I am always on the go. There are times where I have time to put on makeup and sometimes I am in a hurry. There are also times I like to put on certain kind of makeup depending where I am going. 

Recently I have been looking more into Mineral Makeup. I have came across a family owned and operated mineral makeup and pure & natural body care company called Willow Tree Minerals. Their Products never contain preservatives, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, bismuth, micro minerals or other toxins. Their company only sells 100 percent natural products. They offer products like foundation, lip products, blush, bronzer, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and other products. 

Willow Tree Minerals sent me a little goodie bag with several of their products to try. They sent me a Strawberry Sorbet Natural Lip Balm, Berries Shadow, Flower Garden Natural Body Bar and Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

The first product that I tried was their Strawberry Sorbet Natural Lip Shimmer. I like the shape of the tube that the Lip Simmer comes in. Their lip shimmer products are made with exotic oils, rich butters and waxes. I love the scent of strawberry so this was plus for me. When applying this lip balm it applied smoothly and left a great feeling. This product left a nice tint to my lip and making my lips feel moisturized and smooth. I would highly recommend Willow Tree Minerals Lip Shimmer. 

The next product that I received was their Flower Garden Natural Body Bar. The ingredients in this product are Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Soybean Oil, Natural Fragrance. This bar comes in a 4.5 size. This soap has a great natural scent. I personally enjoyed the scent. When I use a body bar I can be picky at times. When I wash up with a bar of soap I need the bar of soap to lather up and after rinsing my skin needs to feel clean. When using this product I did not have to work hard to get a lather and the soap washed of great and leaving my skin feeling nice and soft.

The last product that I was able to try was their Berries eye shadow. Their eye shadows has been one of my favorites so far. When applying this product I did not have to use a whole lot to get the color that I wanted. When applying the product went on smoothly and did not leave any clumps. I was highly impressed with the amount applied and how long it lasted throughout the day. I did not have to re-apply within the day. I was also impress when the shadow did not smear at all or crease throughout the day. I would highly recommend this product. It also will last you a long time.

I am very happy that I came across Willow Tree Minerals store. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to try their products out. I love how they are natural products and they are ok for your skin. Also they have amazing products that are going to last throughout the day. I am a huge fan of their eyeshadows. Mother's for this Mother's Day spoil yourself at Willow Tree Minerals. The link is below to browse their products or to find out more information.

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