Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thymes Review

What are you getting mom for Mother's Day this year? This year I would recommend the new collection by Thyme's. Thymes's Studio Collection is launching a new six scented cologne rollerballs this spring. I was excited when I was given the chance to review these different scents. When I received this set in the mail it came in a nice tin. This tin was small tin with studio collections Thymes on top. Inside of the tin their was a nice tissue paper that wrapped 6 different samples inside. This would make a cute gift for Mother's Day.
The first scent in this collection is the Aqua Coralline. The Aqua Coraline has a nice floral scent. The notes in this perfume are pure water lily, floral white cyclamen, and crisp driftwood. I would wear this scent to going to church.
The next scent in this collection is the Jade Matcha. The first time I spritzed this sample you could smell a spicy/tangy scent to it. At first I was not sure if I was fond of this scent, but in a matter of few minutes it grew on me. The notes in this perfume are sweet bergamot, tangy lemongrass, spicy cardamom, tonk a bean and sugarcane. I would recommend this perfume for a night out on town.
The next scent in this collection is the Kimono Rose. When I spritzed this perfume I fell in love with the scent. This scent was a nice floral scent. The scent was a even blend of rose, peony and jasmine. I am a huge fan of anything jasmine scent. This would be a nice perfume to wear for church, dinner or any outings. This one is my favorite scent out of the collection. 
The next scent out of the collection is Lotus Santal. When I spritzed this one to smell it, it was more of a masculine scent in my opinion. I enjoyed the scent, but personally I would not wear it. The notes to this perfume is plum wood, patchouli and spicy clove. You can really notice the plum wood it does smell good.
The next scent is Rosewood Citron. When I spritzed this perfume I could tell that it had grapefruit in this perfume. This scent would be my second favorite in this collection. The notes in this perfume are woody vetiver, bright citron and sparkling grapefruit. In this perfume I notice is the grapefruit. I would recommend this scent for going out to dinner.
The last scent in this collection is the Tiare Monoi. This scent has a little wild side to it. It has a nice floral scent with a kick. The notes in this perfume are tiara flowers, wild jasmine, delicate osmanthus and yang. This scent kind of remind me of wild flowers and has the right blend to it. I would wear this perfume on any occasion.
Overall I was highly impressed with this collection of perfumes. This would make a great Mother's Day Present. How can you go wrong with six great scents? You can find more information and great products on their site below

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