Saturday, April 26, 2014

So Cool Kids Review

SoCoolKids is a great company for kids and a very interesting company.  Here is a little bit about SoCoolKids Company: 

SoCoolKids was influenced by a close-up photograph I snapped of my young son while sharing a late summer afternoon lunch at the beach, I founded the company, SoCoolKids, in 2012. Dampened by the ocean, his wet hair brushed from his face, the fresh image resembled an advertisement for skin and hair care. For months, I began noticing children's ads and marketing; and wondered why they all seemed either animated or graphic- and, not reflective of children's inherent beauty. Inspired by CoverGirls and the clean natural images that drove their iconic marketing campaign. I developed a Skin and Hair Care Product line geared to the unique needs and tastes of children.

We received two Surf Sand Soap, Shampoo and conditioner for review. The first product that we tried was their Surf and Soap. This soap is a gentle bar of soap. Your child can use this bar of soap daily. A great perk of this bar of soap that their is a slightest natural exfoliant in it. This soap contains no parabens, no gluten, no synthetic dyes, no synthetic fragrances. This is a great soap that you can let your child wash their selves up and not have to worry that any bad chemicals will get in their eyes. This would make a great practice soap for your children to learn how to wash their selves up. My son loves this bar of soap.

We also where able to try their shampoo and conditioner. They come in a 8.4 oz bottle. They are cute little bottle that do not take up a lot of space. When using each product you want to squirt out about a quarter size piece when applying. When my son squirted about a little less in his hand to lather in his hair. It lathered pretty easily without any problems. My son also could rinse it out pretty easily also. When a little got in his eyes it did not burn and he was ok. After using the shampoo he used about the same amount of conditioner in his hair. He also rinsed that out also. Both products seem to be a great fit with my son and he liked them both. The shampoo and conditioner did not make his hear feel or look greasy afterwards.

I would recommend SoCoolKids products for little ones that are trying to be independent. This would be a great kit for kids just starting out. You can find more information about socoolkids at their website below.



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