Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pop'd KERNS review

When my son goes to school he stays after in their child care program. There are times I am not sure what to send him for a snack. Recently I came across a company called Pop'd KERNS.

The Perfect CrunchPop'd KERNS is a great snack and is an all natural corn snacks that have that perfect crunch. I have never heard or ever tasted Pop'd KERNS before. The picture on there right side shows what a Pop'd KERNS are.

There are four different flavors and they are Original, Cheddar, Ranch or Barbecue. When I opened a bag to try these Pop'd KERNS my children swiped them before I was able to try a handful of them. I also am careful what I let my children eat. Pop'd KERNS have all natural ingredients, non GMO ingredients, gluten free, whole grain snacks, great source of fiber and trans fat free. That makes me feel a little better while eating these great snacks. 

My overall thoughts are they are great for the go. I love packing these in my sons bag for after school snack. My son favorite flavor is cheddar. That is my flavor also. My daughter on the other hand favorite flavor is ranch. 

You can find these great snacks at your local grocery store or stop at their site below to see where you can find these snacks.

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