Monday, April 21, 2014

My Little Pony Rarity Review

Do you have a little one who loves My Little Ponies as much as my three year 
 does? My daughter has really has gotten into My Little Pony lately. It has to be everything Pony. When my daughter heard that Build-A-Bear was coming out with a new pony all you could hear was mommy please. Well I am excited that we had and opportunity to review the new Rarity Pony that recently came out.

When we received our Build-A-Bear package in the mail all you could hear is PONY PONY PONY. My daughter ran over and opened the box and was excited to see a full dressed Rarity. Rarity had beautiful purple hair. She came fully dress with a Gala Cape, Fuchsia Sequin High-Tops. When she pulled Rarity out of the box to full surprise a little pony came out as well. The priceless look on my daughters face was amazing. We also received a little Sweetie bell pony with a tutu for a review.

As a parent I am always looking for great quality toys for my children. You will never be disappointed with Build-A-Bear. Their furry friends are always great quality. The only issue that we face with our current new furry friends is that the color is white. That is not their fault because Rarity is white. We just have to be extra careful to not get her dirty. We all know with toddlers there is always an accident waiting to happen. My daughter has been super careful because she does not want to get her friends dirty. It is really cute how careful she is.

Overall how can you go wrong with Build-A-Bear furry friends? My daughter absolutely loved her new friends and the questions that I am asked is the price worth it? Rarity is 25 dollars and Sweetie Bell is 15. My answer would be yes. My daughter has other Build-A-Bears and she plays with them ALOT. They are still in great condition and show little wear. The only time we had a problem Build-A-Bear fixed the problem and stitched our bear up. Which they are so great to fix problems. My daughter says she loves her new Rarity and Sweetie Bell. They have tea parties and watch My Little Ponies on Netflix. She plays along with her new friends. I even catch her brother playing with them also. SHHHHH do not tell my daughter or she will be mad. You know how the brother and sisters are. I would highly recommend the new Rarity Pony and Sweetie Bell. Go to a Build-A-Bear and pick one up before they are gone!!

P.S. I will add product pictures later tonight or tomorrow!! stayed tuned!

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