Friday, April 18, 2014

Johnson and Johnson Baby Products Review

Easter is coming up just around the corner. Trying to figure out a couple last minute Easter basket fillers for babies? Well this Easter why not fill up those baskets with Johnson and Johnson baby products? Johnson baby product are always coming out with new and improved quality products and they also have those all time favorite products. 

The first product that would go great basket filler is Johnson's baby powder. This product was always a must have for me with both of my children. Their baby powder comes in a 22 oz container. I always loved using Johnson's baby powder on my son and daughters skin not only did help absorb extra moisture it also helped keeping my children smelling fresh. Their baby powder is hypoallergenic, dermatologist and allergy tested formula. I have been told by my home nurse that baby powder is dangerous for a baby. It can be if you are using it wrong. If you put to much on or shake it out your child may inhale the powder and it can cause breathing problems. What I also do with my two children is turn away and put in my hands and then apply to the skin.

Johnson's baby wash clothes are great to put in the babies Easter basket. These are a must have and come in handy. These are newer products that recently came out. I received two different kinds of baby washcloths. One is their Johnson's baby head to to washcloths. In this specific box it come with 14

disposable washcloths. How to use the washcloths are very simple you fir moisten the washcloth and lather by rubbing gently between your fingers. Than wash your babies hair an body. Gently rinse your baby with the washcloth, diluting the wash formula with more and more water. Than of course after using the washcloth dispose in the trash. I would not recommend reusing them. I would recommend keeping a box of these on hand in your diaper bag. I know at time these would come in handy if my daughter had an accident while I was out. I could use one of these wash cloths to wash her up! The second box of washcloths that I received were their Johnson's baby bedtime washcloths. This box also comes with 14 washcloths inside. These are a little bit different from the others. This is a bedtime wash cloth where the formula helps your child relax after bedtime. You use this product just like you would the other washcloths also. I actually tried on my daughter and it helped her relax a little bit and not get wound up like she usually does. This would make a great item in a babies gift basket and also is a lifesaver for new mom and moms in general.

The next must have product for your babies Easter basket is their Johnson's baby head to toe wash. This comes in a 9 fl oz bottle. What is great about this product is you can wash your baby without worrying about hurting your child's eyes. There are times you can not prevent getting soap in your babies eyes. I know washing and rinsing my daughters hair is a nightmare and I am always getting soap in her eyes on accident. With using Johnson's baby wash it prevents burning eyes and is tear free. I love the scent of the soap nice and soothing and perfect for you babies bath. I have used this soap for both of my children's bath.

For last minute Easter Basket fillers I would go with Johnson and Johnson baby products. Their products always come in handy and great quality products.
Another reason why I love Johnson's products is they are reasonable priced and they are safe for you babies needs. You can find their products at their website.

** I received one or more products for review purposes only. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my post. My post is 100 percent my own opinion and may differ from yours**

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