Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wantable Subscription Box Review

I am a huge fan of monthly subscription boxes. Last year I was able to review a Wantable subscription box and I was very fond of it. I was excited when I was given a second opportunity to review the Wantable subscription box. Since the last time reviewing Wantable has changed their subscription services just a little bit. They are not only offering a makeup subscription box they are also offering jewelry and intimates subscription boxes. 

The first step of Wantable is choosing which subscription box that you would like. After you choose which box you would like they will ask you a series of questions, so they can match you with the perfect products. The second step is deciding whether you want to subscribe for 36 dollars a month or buy a single box for 40 dollars a month. The subscription boxes are shipped automatically each month. If you decided to skip a month or you choose to cancel, you can do this at anytime you choose. The third step is to discover a new you. Each box that you receive will be filled with full sized products. They are hand picked to fit  your style. 

In my box I received 6 items. I received 5 full sized items and one sample. The first product that was in my box was Mistura Beauty. This item retails for 37.00. I received a Mistura Compact with two applicator brushes. This compact is amazing and I have never seen anything like this before. It is called "magic powder". If you are a person who suffers from Rosacea or have blemishes than this product is for you. This product is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. When applying this 6 in 1 beauty solution in your skin you would want to apply into the skin in a circular motion. A tip is that you would want to start near your cheekbone and swilling as you go. What I love about this product is that it will go with any skin tone and this product goes a long way. It will last you a long time. I would highly recommend it.

The second product that was in my wantable box was Bella Beauty Shine On Lip Gloss Mademoiselle. This item retails for 11.00. This product comes in a 15 ml tube. I like how this product applies and it applies nicely and does not feel greasy or sticky. It also applies evenly and leaves a fantastic color. I agree that this color provides the perfect touch of color and shine to the lips. I like how this product has a slanted tip that allows a great look. This product is going with my other favorite products. 

The next product that was in my box was Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush. This brush retails for 20.00. When I first took out this brush my first opinions was that it felt funny. When I used to apply foundation my opinion changed and it was a great brush to use for foundation, concealer or primer. This brush is made out of fine Taklon. This product is a great tool to apply foundation smoothly and equally to all areas of your face. I would recommend this brush for applying foundation. 

I was excited when I took the next product out of my box. I am a huge fan of Color Club nail polishes. This product retails for 8.00. The color of my nail polish is Baldwin Blues. This color is a nice shade of a darker blue. When I applied this color I made sure to follow the tips that was recommended for this nail polish. I applied two thin layers of this color. It turned out really great after applying and was an amazing shade of indigo blue.

The next product that I received from my wantable box was single shadow compact frosting from Starlooks. This item retails for 12.00. The shadow color is called frosting and is a great satin shade. This can be used for an all over wash of color or to softly highlight the browbone and in the inner corner of the eye. I really was fond of this shadow. It was in a circle container and if you opened the container their is a brush applicator that is stored in side. There is also a mirror so you can bring this on the go. I wish more shadow were like this one.

Overall I am still impressed with the Wantable box. The first item in the box was the price for the box. I received 5 quality full sized items that I would use in my daily life. They matched products to my taste perfectly. I would highly recommend this subscription box and next time I may look into their other subscription boxes. Your can find more information out on their website below.

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  1. This looks like a perfect subscription for my wife's birthday coming up.


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