Thursday, March 6, 2014

Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee DVD Review

        I have a six year old boy who is obsessed with transformers. His favorite transformer is Bumblebee. Recently he has even started collecting the different figurines as well. When we heard about the new DVD that was coming out February 25th of 2014 we were very excited. Shout Factory Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios will release Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee on Blu-ray and DVD combo pack and DVD.

Synopsis of Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee DVD:
"Beloved by kids and legions of fans worldwide, Bumblebee is dedicated warrior and a scout who serves as part of the elite squad lead by Optimus Prime. Though he may be one of the smallest and youngest of the Transformers, don't let that fool you. Time and time again, this autobot proves that he has the bravery to fight for what is right and the tenacity to throw himself into action to battle against his opponents no matter where they appear."

My son was excited to watch four of the best Bumblebee episodes from Transformers Prime.  My son could not get enough of Bumblebee in this DVD. He enjoyed this DVD and watched in numerous of times. He also put it on his DVD shelf where all his favorite DVD go that he watches all the time. This DVD is also very affordable and retails for 9.99.  You can find this DVD at any retailer or

** I received a copy of this DVD for review purposes only.**

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