Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scripture Candy Review

Every year in our home we celebrate Easter. My children get excited when the Easter Bunny leaves a basket full of goodies. Each year I  wanted to find a way to show my kids what Easter is all about and not just about the Easter Bunny.

I have found a wonderful site called Scripture Candy and they helped me this Easter to show my children what Easter is all about and in a fun way. Scripture Candy is a great company that has a variety of different candies that share with children the message of GOD. 

I received several products for review. The first product that I received two bags that had individual jelly bean packages inside. Each bag had about 17 mini packages of Jelly Beans. These packages aren't your normal jelly bean. Each jelly bean color represents something from the bible. Black jelly bean is sin, red stands for Jesus blood, white stands for clean, yellow stands for heaven, green stands for growth, purple stand for royalty, and pink stands for thank you. On each pack it shows what they stand for and the meaning behind each jelly bean. I know my children love jelly beans in their Easter Baskets and these mini packets would be great reminders for my children. 

The next product that we received was their Jelly Bean Jesus Saves cross. This product comes in a cross tin which is very appropriate for Easter. It has a yellow background and a purple cross. On the purple it has Jesus Saves in the middle. At the bottle of the cross it show the different jelly bean colors and what they stand for. On the back of the product it shows the different colors and what they stand for. 

The last product we received two packages of chocolate squares. Their is about 10 squares that come in each package. This is great for Easter baskets. Each square chocolate has a different color wrapper to them with a spring color and flower on each wrapper. They also have different bible verse on each wrapper. My children loved these and loved reading the verses. These are fun and creative and would be great reading them on easter.

Overall I am glad that I have found Scripture Candy. They have brought a whole new meaning of candy for Easter. They have brought meaning into my children lives and have taught them in a fun way.

You can find more of their products with the link below

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  1. A great way to share the truth about what "Easter" signifies; the Resurrection of Christ Jesus. I love the prayer on the bag of jelly beans and also the visual story of why Christ died for us, the Cross tin. "Easter" bunnies move aside and make way for the †ru†h!;) Sharing for brothers and sisters in Christ to check out a great way to celebrate the †ru†h about Resurrection Day. <3


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