Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rosebud Perfume CO Review

Mothers Day is coming up soon and trying to come up with the perfect gift for mom. You can not go wrong with Rosebud Perfumes. Rosebud perfumes has a variety of solid perfumes and lip balms products. I was able to try two of their tins for review. I was able review rectangular tin that had three lip balms in side and another circular tin with three of their perfumes in side. 

The first tin that I reviewed was their Rosebud lip balm tin. Three lip balms come in this specific tin. The three lip balms that I received in this tin where Minted Rose, Strawberry, and Rosebud Salve. Each lip balm comes in a .8 oz container. What I like about each lip balm is that they smell great, there easy to get the amount you want out with your finger and they do not smear. I also like how the feel of the lip balm feel and it does not feel sticky after applying. 

The first balm that I tried was their Strawberry Lip Balm. I was very fond of this lip balm because I love strawberries. When I smelled this lip balm it smelled like Strawberry shortcake. This lip balm is made with natural beeswax and a trade secret blend of strawberry flavors. What I like about this lip balm is the flavor is amazing and it helps protect my lips. 

The second Lip Balm that came in the tin was their Rosebud Salve. This product works wonders if you have chapped lips, dry skin and minor burns. I was excited to try this product on my son. He has a major issue with chapped lips and this product works wonders. I agree when they say that this salve is a miracle in a can. This product helped my son get some relief from his chapped lips. 

The last lip balm that came in this tin was their Minted Rose Lip Balm. I love peppermint so I fell in love with the smell of this lip balm. This products is great for moisture for your lips and great for a gloss. This balm is great for headaches and tension. You can dab a little bit on your temples to help relieve the tension.

The next product that I received was their Rosebud Medley of Lip Balm Tubes. I really like the options with this tin. It is great storage for the lip balms or the lip balms can fit great in your purse. This tin contains a trio of lip balm flavors in Tubes that can be mixed and matched or savored individually for the ultimate lip balm experience. Each tube comes in a .5 oz. The first lip balm that I took out of the tin was their Moka Rose. You can smell this lip balm when you open the tin right away. If you are a chocolate fan this is a great product for you. It also comes with the Strawberry lip balm and the rosebud salve. Each lip balm applies great and leaves your lip feeling great and moisturized. This product does not leave your lips greasy or sticky. I love how they help your lips from being chapped. 

You can buy both of these tins from Rosebud Perfume co. Both tins are sold separately. They have a variety of different products and some of the balms are sold separate. You can find more information and find their products on their website below.

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