Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homeright Deck Washer Review

Homeright offers a great variety of products for in home and outdoor cleaning.  I was lucky that I was able to review another product from Homeright. 
It was a tough winter for us Michaganders.  With all this snow can you imagine all the dirt inside the garage. It can become a nightmare. Recently I was able to review Homeright Deck Washer. 
I was not able to capture pictures when I used this product in my garage, but I am able to share some pictures showing the Deck Washer cleaning leave from the deck. You can use this product for cleaning the garage floor and decks. 
I was impressed when my Deck Washer arrived. When I took it out of the package it was very easy to assemble and attaches to your water hose. This Deck washer has a 14 pressure, zero degree water jets to aid in superior surface cleaning. One of the features of this washer it has a 13 inch wide brush to help the area get cleaned. It also has a 54 inch long extension handle. 
My garage was a huge mess with all the snow and dirt from the car. Every time my children got out of the car they would track this mess in the house. Usually I do not mess with my garage during the winter because it is to cold. I decided on a warmer day that I would try this Deck Washer in my garage to my surprise it worked great. It was very easy to use and handle. I got all the dirt out within an half hour and my garage floor looked great. The only problem was my garaged had some ice spots afterwards. That was not the products fault, but my own. I am super excited to use this product when it warms up so I can use this product on my decks and the garage again.

You can find this product at their website

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