Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Designs by Chad and Jake Review

15178_638565356190958_1073126797_n.pngAre you looking for a great gift for someone that is expecting. When I attend a baby shower or looking for a gift for someone who is expecting. I would like to find a creative gift that no one else would think of. 

Recently I was introduced to a site called Designs by Chad and Jake. Designs by Chad and Jake create personalized gift for babies, toddlers and children. They offer a variety of different products perfect for babies and toddlers. I am a huge fan of personalized baby gift and I love to keep them as keepsakes. Designs by Chad and Jake offer products like burp clothes, bibs, blankets, baby and children robes, personalized gift baskets, towels and so much more.

I was able to review one of their burp clothes. I am one of those people that like to make diaper cakes for my friends that are expecting a baby. When I put them together I like to add different baby products that the expectant mother would need. Designs by Chad and Jake offer personalized burp clothes that are perfect addition for these diaper cakes. I received a plain white burp cloth with my son name on the burp cloth. I also got to choose my favorite sports team logo to put on the burp cloth. I was able to choose Red Wings logo because our family is huge hockey fans. 

The only problem with the burp cloth that I have is that I like it to much and I do not want to use it. I personally would keep it as a keepsake than use it. I would recommend if you plan on using these burp clothes wash them a few times before using. When you take the burp clothes out of the package they tend to be stiff and after washing they become softer. Designs by Chad and Jake make great gifts and I would recommend them. Find their website down below.

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