Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brian the Pekingese Review

I will admit that my daughter is very picky when it comes to pajamas. She will only wear certain brands. If she does not like them she will not wear them. Another issue that we face at times is the material of the pajamas, sometimes the material will irratate my daughter skin. 

Recently we came across a fun site called Brian the Pekingese. This is a fun children's pajama's site. Here is a little background on their company: One day mom and dad came home from the hospital with a little baby boy. I had never seen a person that small before. And it sure cried a lot. At bedtime, he seemed to like having me in the room next to his crib. He was relaxed, and so was I. That is when my parents got the idea for Brian the Pekigese pajamas and plush toys. 

I was able to choose one of their pajamas for review. I choose the pink pajamas in size 5t for my daughter. Their pajamas are made for all children. When I took out the pajamas to feel what kind of material the pajamas are mad out of, they where very very soft. The material of these pajamas would not bother my daughters skin. The fabric is made from 100 percent pre washed cotton and is also made right here in the USA. My daughter fell in love with her new pajamas when I showed her. She loves dogs so that was a huge plus. The pajamas were pink which is my daughters favorite color. She wore them all day and night! She also loved that a furry new friend came with her pajamas!. Brian the Pekingese plush toy is made from 100 percent fabric. Brian is very soft and my daughter loves cuddling with him at bedtime. 

If you are looking for great quality fun pajamas Brian the Pekingese is the right place for you!! I love how they make bedtime fun for your little one. With the fun designs on the pajamas to also with their new furry friend for bedtime. I would recommend this company and their pajamas!! You can find their website below!

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