Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweet Georgia Sugar Review

Recently I was introduced to a wonderful new company called Sweet Georgia Sugar. Sweet Georgia Sugar is a company that offers All Natural Skin Care Product. This company was founded by Sarah Jacobson. Here is a little bit of background information about Sweet Georgia Sugar. From Sarah workshop in Denver, Co, her goal is to provide a healthy option in skin care. After years of focusing on ridding her pantry of over processed, synthesized, carcinogenic food additives, she was concerned about those unpronounceable ingredients. Sarah spent years of research and experimenting with ingredients and scents. At first she just made these products for her and her family to use. Soon later she begun making double batches to share with friends and shortly later their friends wanted her products. This is how Sweet Georgia Sugar was born.

I was very excited to check out the different products from Sweet Georgia Sugar. Sweet Georgia Sugar offers products in four different categories. There are the Perfect Skin Collection, Whipped Body Butter, Body Scrub and Eye Cream. It was very hard to only choose on product for review. All of her items sounded great. I am a sucker for whipped body butters so I chose that category to review. I chose the Whipped Body Butter all natural Rose Vanilla. I am a huge  fan rose vanilla. When I received my packaged I was very excited to open it up and try it. When I took it out I noticed that it was very light. This container is a 8 fl oz. This product is cruelty free, vegan friendly and easy to love. When I open the jar up I had to smell it before I tried it. It smelled amazing!! I loved the scent of rose and vanilla. It had that great scent to it. The body butter is a while whipped cream. Since I have dry skin this product is great for dry skin. I took a little bit of the whipped body butter and placed it on my hand which where very dry at the time. It was very light feeling and easy to massage in. This product absorbed in my skin very quickly and let my skin feeling better and having my skin feel smooth and not itchy. 

Overall I was very impressed with this Whipped Body Butter. This would make a great gift for your special one for this upcoming Valentines Day. I would highly recommend Sarah Georgia Sugar's products for everyday use and for Valentines Day. I know I am a sucker for body products and I am in love with the Rose Vanilla Body Butter. You can find their products at the website below.

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