Friday, February 28, 2014

Smith and Vandiver Review

As a mom I like to have some me time. Although in reality having me time is very rare since I am a single mom of two. My children keep me quite busy. When I get to time to take a nice hot bath I like to splurge and use bath products like fizz products, bath salts and soaps. This helps me relax after a busy day.

Recently I was introduced to a company called Smith and Vandiver. They offer a variety of different bath and body products that will spoil your every day needs. They offer different products such as: solid perfumes, fizzalious bath gifts, body washes, body scrubs, body lotions, shea butters, bath soaks, candles, soaps and so much more. 

I was able to review a few of their goodies for Valentines Day. Smith and Vandiver offers a great product called the Fizzy Baker that looks like a Valentine Cupcake. What is a better way to receive a great cupcake that you can use for a nice relaxing bath. When I received this product it looked like a real cupcake that you could actually eat. It even came with a tin wrapper around the fizz part. The soap is the topping of the cupcake with little red hearts on the frosting. I love how simple this product is to use. All you need is to to drop the cupcake in warm water and watch the cupcake start to fizz. This is one of my favorite product to use in the bath it helps me relax. This product also has a nice smell to it. It smelled between bath products and cupcake to me. When putting this cupcake in the warm water it eventually separated where you could use the top part which is the soap to wash up. I really love the concept of the Valentine Cupcake which would make a great gift for your special Valentines or even Mother Day Gift.

The next product that I was able to review was their Cupcake Soy Candle. This is a 2 oz candle which will last for 15 hours. When I am taking a bath and trying to relax I love to turn off the lights and light candles while taking a bath. I was impressed when I opened this 2 oz candle and the smell that I smelled. It smelled just like a real cupcake. The smell was very powerful, although it smelled just right when I took my bath. It filled the whole bathroom with a great smell. I also like how I can use this candle numerous of times.

The last product that I was able to review was their cupcake glycerin soap. I love how this soap was pink and shaped as a heart. This is a great gift to give your sweetheart on Valentines Day or Mothers Day. This soap is a 2.2 oz soap. This soap is one of my favorite soap. It smells great like cupcakes and it lathers great. I use this soap in my bathroom for my children. My kids absolutely love this soap due to it being a heart shaped. This soap last a long time.

Overall I was very impressed with Smith and Vandiver products. I was also impressed with their creativity in their products. They would make great gifts for any occasions. I love the idea that you could use these as baby shower favors, wedding and ect. I would highly recommend their products. You can find their website in the link below

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