Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Skwooshi Review

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I am always looking for fun new toys for my two children. This year I am trying to find great toys that would be great for children Easter Baskets. Recently I was introduced to a new product called Skwooshi. Skwooshi is a mess free, odor free, creative dough that does not dry out. Skwooshi comes in 10 different colors that are in individual packs. They also come in all different kind of sets, some are smaller and some are larger. The sets include pre designed mold creations. 

We were lucky enough to receive our own Skwooshi kit. My kids were very excited when I showed them their Skwooshi kit. My kids love being creative with creative dough. They enjoyed using the different molds in the kit. They also like being creative without the molds. This is a great toy to have in preschools, home and at schools. This is a great product for your child to visit their creative side and have a lot of fun. When you first take the mold out of the package be warned that it may feel a little firm at first, but once you put a little squish in it things will change and become softer. My children like that this product is not sticky. I think I like it more then them due to it is not messy. My children spent hours playing with the molds and also making their own creations. Here is a video on Skwooshi.


If you are looking for a great toy for Easter Baskets this year, you want to look into Skwooshi. This product is recommend for ages 3 on up. The price can range from 2.99 up to 29.99.

You can find their website at the link below

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