Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simply Berry Soap Review

Ultra-Concentrated CleanerIt feels like in my household that laundry is never ending. I have to be careful when it comes to my daughters skin, due to her skin is very sensitive. Their are times that certain detergents will irate my daughter skin. I was recently introduced to a new brand of laundry detergent that I have never heard of before. Simply Soap Berry is a new laundry detergent provides a green alternative to the hazardous chemical agents widely used to today's laundry detergents. 

I was able to review their Simple Berry laundry detergent. This comes in a 32 oz bottle that provides 128 loads. I was impressed when I received the bottle of detergent it was smaller than other bottle and it fit better on my shelf. It was nice to have extra shelve space. I also like that the bottle had a dispenser instead of opening a cap to dispense the detergent. This detergent formula is powerful and deeply cleans your clothes and leaves them with a nice fresh and clean smell. The benefits of this detergent  that it is hypoallergenic, ultra concentrated and naturally softens and freshens your clothes. 

My overall opinion of Simply Soap Berry is positive. I love the feature of the dispenser where I can squirt the detergent in to my washer. It prevents a huge mess. I like the scent to this detergent and smells great on my clothes. It also leaves my clothes clean and smelling fresh. The biggest test with this detergent if it breaks out my daughters skin. I have tried this detergent a few times on my daughter clothes and it seems not to bother her at all. Which is a great to know that I can purchase another detergent for my daughters clothes. I would highly recommend this product for youngsters who have skin irritation like my daughter. I will bet you find it will work great for you also. 

You can find this product on their website that is listed below

**I was not compensated for this product however I did receive a product to try and review. My review is my honest opinion of this product and they may differ from yours.**

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