Friday, February 21, 2014

Sakar's Childrens Headphones Review

Easter is coming up shortly and I am already coming up with great ideas on what to fill my children Easter Baskets. Both of my children love playing games on the computer, playing on iPhones, iPads, mp3 players and so on. Their are times where the sound drive me nuts. I bet any parent can relate to extra noise bothering us. Sakar has made a line of kid headphones. This would be great for your children and be great to put in your children's Easter Basket. 

Sakar's kid friendly headphones are great for toddlers and children. This line of products will fit your child's head comfortably unlike the other headphones that I have seen in the stores. Sakar offers a great variety of kid headphones like Spiderman, TMNT, Barbie, My little Pony and Hello Kitty. I was able to review several of Sakar's children's headphones. I received TMNT, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony.

The TMNT headphones and the Hello Kitty headphones are the same but different design of course. The headband of the headphones is thicker then the My Little Pony headphones. When my three and six year old tried the headphones on they fit comfortably and fit them just right. I like how if you had two children that where boys they could share the headphones and they would fit them both with just a little adjusting. When it comes to my son he likes listening to his mp3 player he tends to groove with the music at times. There are times when he has issues with the headphones slipping. With his new TMNT headphones she does not have this issue. These particular headphones are slip resistant. They also have a volume control feature to prevent loud sounds that could be harmful to little one ears. This volume control comes handy when it comes to my daughter she does not like loud sound and they bother her greatly. This feature really helps my daughter when she listening to her musics or her shows.

Both of my children love their new headphones. They want to use them on everything which is great. I also like how they fit on my children and they are comfortable on them. I also really like the appeal of the headphones. They are fun and colorful and great theme characters. 

You can find the My Little Pony headphones at Walmart.

You can find the TMNT at TRU and Amazon

You can find Hello Kitty at Kohls, Amazon, and TRU

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