Thursday, February 20, 2014

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Products Review

Recently I was introduced to Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Products. I am always on the lookout for new hair care product for my hair. Number 4 High Performance Hair Care creates a luxurious experience from Shampooing, conditioning and styling. These products are 100 percent vegan, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate & sodium chloride free. 

I was able to try their Number 4 High Performance Hair Care products. I received their Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and their Blow Dry Lotion. 

The first product that I was able to try was their hydrating shampoo. This shampoo comes in a unique bottle. It comes in a rectangular bottle with a pump for a top. This product comes in a 8.5 fl oz. This shampoo helps moisturizes your hair and color protect while replenishing your hair. Their is vitamin B5 properties create shine and condition and helps improve your hair's bourgeoisie strength, keeping it clean from any stylistic sin. When I tried this product in the shower it had a nice smell to the shampoo. It lathered up nicely when I applied it. When I rinsed the shampoo out it seemed to rinse out nicely. After rinsing the shampoo out of my hair my hair felt clean and soft. What I also like about this product is that you only have to pump it once and you will not need anymore shampoo. This shampoo will last a long time. 

The next product that I was able to try was their hydrating conditioner. This product also comes in a rectangular bottle also. It also comes in a 8.5 fl oz bottle. This conditioner helps moisturizes and helps repair split ends. Their are times where I need help with my split ends. I have always been trying to find a product that would actually help with split ends. This product will also help with dryness, frizz and really bad stylistic habits. This product also has Vitamin B5 formula that creates shine and condition, improving your hair's bourgeoisie strength, keeping it clean and static free. When I used this product I found the best results is when I applied a small amount at the ends of the hair and worked the product up to the roots. I left this product sit for about a minute and then rinsed this product out of my hair. What I like about this conditioner is that it was easy to work and rinse out. It also left my hair feel nice and soft and not a greasy feeling afterwards. 

The last product that I was able to try was their Blow Dry Lotions. This comes in a 5.1 fl oz. This comes in a straight bottle. This product provides superior, weightless and thermal protection. It also benefit as a styling treatment in a multi-dimensional humidity resistant formula delivering smooth, long lasting style support while maintaining equilibrium on this season's six inch heel. When I applied this product in my hair I depended it evenly through my damp hair. I let it my hair air dry after applying this product.

Overall I would recommend these three products. They are a great hair care system to have. My hair has felt great, clean, shiny and silky. You can find this system with the link below.

Number 4 hair


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