Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Estee Lauder Review

Valentines Days is coming up around the corner. What a great way to celebrate Valentines Day with Estee Lauder. I know this Valentines Day I am looking for that special pink lipstick.

What better this Valentines Day is gift a gift that gives back? What girl does not love lipstick? This would make a great gift for your girlfriend, best friend, sister, mom, aunt or grandmother. By purchasing Evelyn Lauder Dream Lip Collection for 29.50 and 20 percent to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I received the Estee Lauder Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Lip Collection. When I received this package it comes in a nice pink, red and purple box. It also has nice hearts on the box. 

This Valentines Day Estee Lauder is doing something different for Valentines Day. They are having a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign going on. I was very excited to get involved in this Campaign due to my grandmother who passed from breast cancer. A little bit about their Campaign is that Estee Lauder is offering the Evelyn Lauder Dream Lip Collection in support of the BCA Campaign's mission to defeat breast cancer through education and medical research. 

I was able to receive Evelyn Lauder Dream Lip Collection for review. Their collection came in a nice pink, purple, red box with hearts on the box. When I opened the box there was a nice make up back inside that was red with a nice shade of pink. I really like this make up bag and I love the snap. This snap actually snaps and does not unlatch easy, so no worries that your makeup will fall out of the bag. This bag also came with a reddish pink/red lipstick and roller gloss. I really am fond of this lipstick it has a great pink/reddish look. When I applied the lipstick it did not smear or wear after use. I can not wait to wear this for my evening now on Valentines day.  You can find this great collection and give back at the following website below. 


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