Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crane Review and Giveaway HOSTED by Little Helpers in Life

I would like to start by giving you a little background about this wonderful company from the website itself: "Crane USA was founded in 2005 on the belief that design is an attitude and the home is a personal expression of an individual's lifestyle. We also realize that more than ever before people are looking to improve their health and their home environment. Crane is a company that recognizes these health concerns and people’s individual lifestyles.

While humidifiers, air purifiers, and space heaters are some of the best ways to control indoor air pollutants and heating, most people don’t break into a smile about these traditionally unexciting humidity, air quality, and heating solutions. Here at Crane, we are looking to change that.
Since 2005, Crane USA has taken the lead in putting the “fun” into cool mist humidifiers, air purifiers, and space heating by following our mantra: design for better living. Our products are functional and efficient at fulfilling your home improvement needs while communicating an appreciation for elegant design. Furthermore, our unique sense of design and unwavering commitment to quality allows us to continue to create our own distinctive interpretation of humidity, air quality, and heating solutions while remaining a step ahead of the crowd.
Now, I have been seeing Crane USA products in stores for years. I always looked at them, and thought to myself; How cute, but would that really last? How quiet is that humidifier really? 

I was given the chance to review probably the most adorable humidifier on the planet. 

This is the "All Aboard" Train humidifier from Crane USA. When I received the package in the mail, in only a couple days after requesting it. I was so excited to see what it would actually look like. Would it be huge? Would this actually work? So, of course like a kid on Christmas I ripped it out of the box immediately and started looking through the directions. 

This is so simple. I took the water tank off after finding the perfect spot in my sons room. He and I have both been sick with colds, and staying in a house that is very dry in the winter has not been helping us at all. I went and filled up the tank to the humidifier, and added some Cherry Menthol Vaporizer into the water as directed to see how it would work. 

I was so impressed with how the little light on the front lit up red when the machine wasn't ready, and green when the machine was ready. I also thought it was the coolest thing that the steam came out of the stack like an actual train. My son also seemed to think this was just the greatest thing ever. We spent over two hours just watching it. I couldn't put him down, I couldn't walk away. He was amused. Honestly, I was okay with this, because we both could use the steam. 

I wanted to make sure that the steam coming out wouldn't be a hot steam like some other humidifiers out there. Seeing how this would be in my sons room constantly, I did have the initial worry. 

Other things I was most impressed with, how quiet this actually is. I have never had a humidifier in all my days that was SO QUIET. As I sit right now typing this out, I have it running. The green light is a go, and I have my television running. I can not hear it at all. 

There is nothing that I don't love about this humidifier. It is the perfect solution when you or your little ones have cold or flu like symptoms. It is much better then pumping them full of more and more medicine. You also can get this humidifier in many different options. There is sure to be something for everyone. 

You can find all these great products and more here.

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  1. I LOOOVE the Train Cool Mist Humidifier! We need one so bad and our son would LOVE the train!

  2. I liked the Electric fireplace heater!!

  3. I like the red dragonCrane and the elephant Crane.

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