Monday, February 3, 2014

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ReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water BottlesReTAP Reusable Water Bottles
In my family we are always trying to find better ways to help our environment. We try to find great eco-friendly products. Recently I have found a great company called goal is to become the most trusted source for green products. They work very hard to offer their customers the best quality green alternatives to items you use every day. 

When I checking out their website I was impressed with the range of different products that they had to offer and the information and background on each item they offered. wants to help individuals make easy choices to help the individual become more green on a daily basis. 

You are probably wondering how can I make a difference. Believe it or not it is very easy and you can make a huge difference. By investing in eco friendly products they can be healthier and safer. They quality and the materials are better than non eco friendly materials. You also save money and the product is more durable. It is also better for the planet.

I was able to review one of their ReTap bottles.  ReTap was influenced by reading about plastic islands in the oceans, consisting mainly of plastic bottles. With the UN climate meeting 2009 in Copenhagen COP 15 closing in, they became more aware of the negative impact of bottled water on the environment. They felt something had to be done and that how is ReTap came to life. This bottle is special designed for drinking tap water. I received a green bottle for review. They come in ten different colors: baby blue, black, dark blue, green, grey, light blue, magenta, orange, red and yellow. They also come in three size: Small that holds 10.2 ounces, medium hold 17 ounces and a large bottle 27 ounces. 

When I took my bottle out I loved the shape to it and I was surprised that it was more heavy than I expected. This bottle is made out of Borosillicate glass and this specific glass will not wear down over time. When you are using your bottle and you notice off while marks on the glass. These are unharmful calcium and magnesium marks. You can get these marks off with your dishwasher.

Overall I really like this bottle. I think it is great to use on the go or even around the house. I like how easy the cap is to take off and it ready to use. It also fits great in my car and it convenient. It is also easy to use and clean. I would highly recommend having one of the bottle on hand for your drinking water.

You can find their products on their website below

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