Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Adventure of Chuck & Friends Review

I was recently introduced to a new DVD that recently came out on January 21 called Chuck & Friends. I have never heard of Chuck & Friends and was pretty excited to learn more about this DVD. I am always looking for new shows and movies for my 6 and 3 year old. 

This DVD is about Chuck and the gang having their fun adventures. In these adventures their is a helpful mechanic, a camping trip, a star studded trip to the beach and so much more. 
I was excited when this DVD arrived to see what Adventures of Chuck and friends were like. When I showed the DVD to my children to see if they wanted to watch it, my daughter got more excited then my son. When I started the DVD both of my children sat down quietly in front of tv and was glued through the whole DVD. This DVD came with 10 fun filled episodes. What was one of the major high points of this DVD is that their were lessons in the episodes. I am a fan of shows that have lessons that my children can relate to and learn from. This movie is great for my son who is in Kindergarten because he is learning lessons and can relate to them. He also is learning how to treat others from this DVD. I noticed that being a good friend is important in this DVD. It shows children how to be good friends to one another. My daughters favorite parts of the DVD was the music and the songs. She loves music and is always dancing and getting into the show. 

My overall opinion of this DVD is this is a perfect DVD for young children. Both of my children can watch this DVD together and enjoy it. Which is a benefit for mom because they are not fighting over the TV. Although they are getting different messages from the DVD it is fine. I like how this DVD can reach out to several ages. You can buy this DVD at any local retailer or


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