Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Soda Stream Review

The Superbowl is coming up and you know Emmy's Deals loves to party! What a better way to party with Soda Stream!! Soda Stream would be a great asset to have at your party. I know a lot of you have heard of this product before. There may be a few that have one or may have never heard of this product before. 

I was excited when I was able to review one of their Soda Stream machines and a variety of their flavors. If you are not sure what a Soda Stream Machine is it is a machine that you can make sodas, mix drinks and other drinks with this machine. When using a Soda Stream Machine at your Superbowl party you will be able to save a lot of money on soft drink and even mix drinks at your party. Plus you will be the hit of the party!!

 When my package arrived it was package very well and everything seemed that it was in tacked. When I went through to see what was all in the box there was a pack of water flavors which was a nice surprise. This will be great for my daughter because she needs to drink more water and this can help. It also came with a variety of different flavors some that where originals like rootbeer, cola, ginger ale it also had some diet flavoring also. What I like about this product the flavors did not contain high fructose and the diet flavors are sweetened by Splenda and not aspartame and that was great.
So here was the true test was I able to put it together and was it going to be easy. Or was I going to need someone else to help me on this matter. I will not kid you not it took me about less than five minutes putting the machine together. The directions where very easy and I understood them pretty clearly. Also It was very easy adding the flavoring and the process.  

I would highly recommend this product and it cuts the cost down also. This product will be sitting on my counter and defiantly not put back in the box. My kids love this and it a fun project. There also a lot of different variety of flavors. This would also make a great gift for the holidays. You will be the hit of the party! Also this would be great for parties and easy to make and fun for the guests. I know I will be using mine during my Superbowl party!!

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