Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pivoine Flora Shimering Oil Review

Do you have a Junior or Senior going to prom this year. If so I want to introduce you a must have for prom this year. Pivoine Flora Illuminating Oil this product is new and came out just in time for prom. This product retails for $35.00 for 75ml bottle. This product became available on April 17, 2013 and you can find it on

This product is enriched with Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil and Mother of Pearl. This product will help you add that special touch for prom. Pivoine Flora Shimmering Oil helps nourishes your skin and helps make you skin beautiful. It also leaves a great perfume scent of floral Pivoine Flora that smells great. You can use this product on your face, body and hair. A great feature of this product is that it is uniquely dry texture enables the ability to get dressed immediately after using it. How can you go wrong with that. I know when I went to prom and was getting ready with friends. We all rushed to get ready and we always were concern about getting something on our dresses. I wish that this product was available when I went to prom. This product also leave a glistening shimmer from head to toe. 

When you apply this product to the face you want to apply a few small drops to the face for the best results. After applying a few small drops you instantly have and illumination including cheekbone and along the center of the nose. 

When you apply this product to your body you want to apply to the areas that you want to. For best results you want to target the areas for example shoulders, arms and legs. 

When you apply this to your hair you want to apply a few small drops to the lengths of hair and concentrating on the ends. After applying this product you want to scrunch your hair to obtain the shimmering golden highlights.

This would be a great product for all the girls that are attending prom this year. This would be a great product to give you that special extra look for your hair, body and face. If you want to find more information on this product or want to purchase this product you can go to their website. 
** I received on or more products to conduct a review. I only share products that I believe are great quality and products that I believe my readers would enjoy. My reviews are 100 percent my own and may differs from yours**

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