Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ko Denmark Toner Review

 I came across a wonderful site called Ko Denmark and I wanted share their story and their products. Ko Denmark was found by Henriette who grew up in the countryside of Denmark. Henriette gained a deep appreciation for nature and botanical formulations at an early age. Henriette helped her family craft scented natural bath products from the rose petals from their garden. Later in life this passion continued while she was studying international business in Malaysia and China, where the exotic jasmine, neroli, and rose flowers further inspired her curious mind to beautiful scented possibilities. She wanted to find products that would not take a toll on her skin. Following the birth of her daughter, she knew it was time to share her creation for healthier skin with the rest of the world. She named her daughter Ko so naturally she named her company Ko Denmark. 

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review one of her products. I have very sensitive skin, so I am very careful when I try or choose products for my skin. Ko Denmark products are all gluten and GMO free and made with only the purest ingredients of all natural plant and flower oils, tea extracts and fruit antioxidants without any risk of petrochemicals, parabens or sulfates. The product that I choose to try from Ko Denmark was their anti aging face toner. This product came in a 100ml 3.4 fl oz bottle. The top had a nice dispenser with a cap to keep the bottle protected. When I first used this product the first thing that I noticed was smell. This toner is different and has a nice floral smell to it. Majority of toners that I have tried in the past have not smelled as good as this one. After my morning regiment I used the toner. I applied the toner to my face using a cotton ball. I used a decent amount of toner and used it to my whole face. After I let the toner dried I used my favorite moisturizing cream. This toner was a great natural toner. I seen a great difference and feel after the first week of using this product. This toner helped hydrate my skin and I noticed a nice glow after using this product. This product is also recommend for all types of skin.  I was very impress with Ko Denmark products and would highly recommend their products. You can find Henriette's products with the website below.

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