Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It Works Wrap Review

During the holiday season have you put those extra pounds on like I have? I know after the new years my New Years resolution is to find away to lose inches and pounds. Well recently I have been introduced of It Works. You may have heard of It Works before. 

I was given a chance to review a Ultimate Body Applicator by It works. The Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap is supposed to help tighten, tone and firms using a botanically based cream. I was very interested in trying this wrap because I have heard both positive and negative comments about this product. 

When I opened my It Wrap package and took out the application it looked like a large cloth that was covered with cream. If you wanted to use this wrap for different parts of your body you can choose to if you want. Sometimes I have heard of people cut the wrap up and apply the wrap to several parts of the body. Majority of the time people apply the wrap to the stomach area. I unfolded the wrap and applied it to my stomach area. I applied the wrap on smoothly and than wrapped saran wrap around the applied area to make sure the wrap stay in the area it supposed to be. I left my wrap on for roughly 45 minutes. That is the recommended time to leave it on. 

My overall thoughts about this product. It was easy to apply. I personally felt self conscious when I had this wrap on. Although I think it would not bother most people. I am one of those who get anxious when I have to leave stuff on my skin. I will warn you the product is cold when you apply it. After applying this product I lost about a inch. My stomach area did feel more firm that it was before.  I would recommend it. I would also recommend in drinking a lot of water while using this product. If you are interested in trying this product you can find their product at their website.

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