Saturday, January 25, 2014

Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry Review

Description: Description: cid:image010.jpg@01CF0BCE.9473A890 It is time for a new year and a new you. What is a better way to start a new year with a new you. Each year I look to find the best perfumes that are out there. I have a few that are my all time favorites. It is hard to find a new perfume that I will categorize with my all time favorite.

Recently I was given and opportunity to review Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry.  I was very excited to be able to try this perfume. I have heard many positive things about this perfume. Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry is a sensual yet modern combination of jasmine blossoms that will tempt the senses with an exhilarating blend of seductive wooden notes and irresistible musks. I love the blend of jasmine. I have a personal thing for jasmine perfumes. I love the scent of this perfume and it blends very well. The scent is not over powerful or strong. I only had to spritz once and it lasted quite a long time. I still noticed the scent several hours later. It was not as powerful when I put it on, but still noticeable. 

Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry has been put on the top shelve where my other favorite perfume are kept. This scent is by far one of my favorites. Another plus about this perfume is it's bottle. It comes in a nice bottle that has engraved flowers on it. Which make the bottle stand out from others. The only thing that I did not like about the bottle is the cap. I find the cap does not fit firm on the perfume bottle. It slips off and I keep having to find it when it drops. Although I like the shape and the design of it. I wish it would fit a little snugger. Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry retails for 29.99 and can be find at any general retail store.

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