Monday, December 16, 2013

Word Search Gold App

iPhone Screenshot 2Are you a huge fan of word search's like I am? I know that I am always on my iPad and always looking for fun new games to play. My son also is playing games on my iPad also. We were recently introduced to Word Search Gold App. 

Word Search Gold App is for all those word search lovers out there! I know recently my son loves word search's and it helps him with his words and letters. 

iPhone Screenshot 1When I went to my app store I typed in Word Search Gold and I found it pretty easily. This app is free and completable on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It took less than a minute to download. It was easy to use and easy to get start. You hit start and your puzzle will appear. You search for the world and you highlight it with your finger and if you are correct it will cross the word off your list. There is a timer to keep track on how long it takes you to complete your puzzle. There is a hint button where if you are stuck it will show you where the word is. There also a button where you can click new game and it will give you a new puzzle. Then there is a menu button to give you more options. 

This is a great game and I found myself getting hooked on this word search. I am glad that I was introduced to this app and it going to be an app that stays on my iPad. If you are a word search fan make sure you check out Word Search Gold App. You can not go wrong with this app and the app is free.

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