Friday, December 6, 2013

Tasting Room By Lot18 Review

Holidays are just around the corner and I have found a great subscription site called Tasting Room by Lot18. Have you ever stood at the grocery store and debated what wine to buy? Tasting Room by Lot18 solves this problem by creating the most personalized wine buying experience on the market, as it is the first wince club that allows customers to taste and rate mini bottles of wines before you purchase a whole bottle. 
Tasting Room by Lot18 offers three gift options which would be perfect for the holidays. Tasting Room three options are:
  • Tasting kit of six mini bottle and personalized wine profile for $25. Each mini bottle equates to half a glass of wine, great gift for someone who is ever curious or someone who wants to learn more about wine.
  •  Tasting kit of six mini bottles, personalized wine profile and a six bottle wine club shipment that match your recipient's wine tasted for $100 plus $10 shipping.
  • Tasting kit of six mini bottles, personalized wine profile and custom shipment of twelve wine bottles that match your recipient's wine tastes for $ 150 (come out to less than $13 per bottle.)
Tasting room sent me two of their $25 dollar tasting kits. How the Tasting Room works is where they send consumers a wine sampler kit. This kit contains six miniature bottles two bottle of white wine and four bottles of red wine. After receiving the tasting kit you will rate each wine and how much you liked it. After rating each wine Tasting Room will determined what wines are the best matched for you. 
How much does the Tasting Room cost you may ask? The initial cost to join the Tasting Room is $9.95. The $9.95 covers the cost of the initial mini bottle tasting kit as well as the shipping cost. After that the first club shipment begins and you get 6 bottles for $59.99 and the shipping is free. Shipments to follow are 12 bottles cases sent every three months for $149.99 plus $19.99 shipping and handling. Tasting Room does have a cancellation policy. You can cancel at anytime and not be charged.
My overall opinion about Tasting Room is that it is a great idea. I love the concept where you can sample the wines before you buy them. I tend to buy the same wines over and over again, because I do not want to buy a wine that I will not drink. By trying the sample kit that is provided they will choose the right wines for me. If you are looking for a great gift for yourself or for someone special check out the Tasting Room at

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