Saturday, December 7, 2013

ScentSationals Review and Giveaway

Are you looking for a great gift for the holiday? Are you looking for a great holiday decoration? Recently I have been introduced to a wonderful site called ScentSationals. They are a great company that carries a line of wickless candles and wax melts that go with them. I am a huge fan of candles, but am always looking for another option. When you have a three year old and five year old accidents are bound to happen. What is the next best thing? Wickless candles! What I love about Wickless candles is no open flames, which means no accidents. These warmers warm the melts where if a child touch the warmer or the wax a child will not get burned or hurt. Which makes this appealing to me as a parent. 

Snowman ScentSationals WarmerScentSationals scent me one of their warmers and four of their wax melts. When I received their package in the mail I was impressed on how they packaged their product. The warmer was wrapped several times in bubble wrap. The max melts were also wrapped several times in bubble wrap.

I received one of their holiday warmers for review. I received their adorable snowman warmer. When I took this warmer out of the box it was not as heavy as I thought it would be. It is lightly painted which give it a great crafty look to it. I love that look and it makes it look great in my room. It is different from any warmer that I have or seen. The snowman hat does come off where you would see a light bulb inside the snowman. This is where it warms the melts that you put in the snowman hat. I was impressed on how cute the snowman. 

I received four wax melts to go with my holiday warmer. The scents that I received for review are Silent Night, Sleigh Ride, Santa's Sugar Cookies and Mandarin Cider. Each wax melts contains 6 cubes in each package. It is simple to use you break off one cube and put it in your warmer tray. I was a fan of each sent they sent me. Santa's Sugar Cookies is a great scent if you want to warm to make your house smell like cookies. This is a great scent to warm when you invite your guest over for a visit. Sleigh Ride is a great scent also. I am a huge fan of pines. Which has a nice scent of pines. This scent is not over powering. Mandarin cider is great if you are a fan of cinnamon. When I warm my melts I can be picky about the scents and how strong the scent are. There are times when you warm scents in your warmer and they do not spread throughout the warm. For ScentSationals melts are great smelling, reasonable priced, and last for a decent amount of time.

Overall I am highly impressed with ScentSational Scents. I would recommend checking out their adorable warmers and their reasonable wax melts. This would make great holiday gifts and great holiday decorations. You can find their products at their website at 

You can enter to win your own snowman and wax melts. Enter below. Emmy's deals is not responsible for the prize or shipping the prize.

** I received one or more products for review. I did not receive monetary compensation for my opinion. My opinions are 100 percent my own and they may differ from yours.**


  1. I love their Bluebonnet ScentSationals Warmer :)

  2. I love the cute snowman warmer. I have to have that! Lol!

  3. Honestly I like all yummy scented things. I bet everything in this is great.

  4. I love the Santa Sugar Cookies wax melts


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