Saturday, December 7, 2013

Motorola two way radio review

MG167A Are you looking for something tech for the holidays? Motorola has a great product out for the holidays. I was excited when I found out that Motorola came out with pink Talkabout alkaline two-way radio. This would be perfect for women or teens for the holiday's. They also have a set that comes in blue if you do not want pink. 

I received a pair of MG167A is a pink Talkabout alkaline two way radio for review. This two radio has a range of up to 16 miles. This two radio is great for indoor and outdoor communication. While my son and I were testing these two way radios they worked great. I could hear him great and he could hear me great. There were times we would get caught off, but that was not the radios fault. These radios come in handy if you are out at the mall, shopping, beach or you are out and about.

There are some great features and benefits about the Motorola two-way radios. These two way radios have several call tones where people are calling you, you can hear instead of the normal default ring. When my son called me on these two ways they where loud enough so I could hear them and it also grabbed my attention. 

Another great feature is the scan feature. Other two way radios that I have used before has scan options as well, but they are not as smooth as the ones that I was able to review. This scanning feature will let you know what channels are currently available for you to use. 

After awhile of using the two way radios the low battery alert let us know it was time to charge the two ways. Another feature that I like a lot is the keypad lock. I know that I have a three year old and five year old who like to press buttons. They keypad lock prevents my personalized setting from being inadvertently changed. 

Overall this would make a great holiday gift. I believe that everyone should have a pair of two way radios. I know people today everyone uses cell phones, but it would be a great idea to have two radios for back up. You can find these product at their website below.

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