Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mexican Beer Review (Indio, Tecate and Bohemia) New Years Review

I know this post is different from my other post, but I knew New Years is coming up and I would like to share with you a few different beers that I enjoy with you.  I am not a big drinker, but I enjoy a beer on occasion. Recently I was given and opportunity to review three Mexican beers: Indio, Tecate, and Bhohemia. I will be honest that I have never hear of brands before. 

The first beer that we were able to try was Indio. Indio is made  by Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery in Mexico. When I poured a glass of Indio I noticed that it was a clear reddish brown color. The first thing that I do before I drink a beer is that I have to be able to tolerate the smell. Indio had a faint smell with a tint of lemon. Which made it appealing to me. When I took a sip I noticed that this beer was not a bitter beer, but it had a sweetness to it. I noticed a little bit of a Carmel flavor to it. The beer was on the thin side and was a little watery in my opinion, but it was decent and had a decent flavor. It was not bitter which was a major place. I would definitely drink Indio again. 

Tecate is another brand of Mexican beer that I was able to try. Tecate is a pilsner beer characterized by a robust body with a balanced flavored. This beer is made with 100 percent natural ingredients that gives a high quality balanced flavor. When I poured this beer in my glass I noticed the color was gold. This beer also does not have a strong smell to it which is great or me. I can not drink beers that have strong smell to them. This has a scent of citrus. When I first tasted Tecate it was bit watery but not as watery as the first one. I really enjoyed this beer it was a very light beer and very smooth. The taste of the beer was very sweet which was nice. This one was my favorite one of all three. I would definitively buy again. 

Bohemia is the last beer that I reviewed. Bohemia is known for it rich aroma and a rich full flavor, the result of a craft in which they operate only ingredients of the highest quality. When I poured this beer in my glass the color was a yellow color. This beer also had a faint smell to it also. I could pick up a scent of lemon which I am fond of. This beer was more of a creamy beer which was nice. This beer was also a light beer with carbonation unlike the others that I tried. I really am fond of this brand. I like how smooth tasting beer and it had a lemon taste to it. I am a huge fan of the lemon tasting beer, so this one was a major hit. 

 Overall conclusion they where all great. I liked them in different ways. I would have to say the best tasting beer was the Bohemia. It was the most flavorful. I would definitely recommend these three beers for the New Years coming up or when the college football starts playing on New Years Day. You can find these beers at your local store. Remember to drink responsible.  

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