Monday, December 2, 2013

Disney Frozen: Olafs Quest Review

imageAre you looking for a great family game for the holiday's? Last month Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest was released by GameMill Publishing. This is a one player game that is family friendly and the ESRB rating is E for everyone. This game is available for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS.

A little bit about Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest. Every day is a snow day in Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest. This fun game is based on the newly released movie Frozen. If you are a fan of the movie Frozen you will be a huge fan of this new video game. The video game follows the events of the film. The original adventure throws the focus to Olaf, the happy go lucky snowman. He tries to hold himself together through the situations that he comes across. 

When it comes to game my son is very picky on which games he will play. Usually when he starts playing a game he will give them about ten minutes and if he does not like them he probably will never play them again. When he started playing Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest he could not put the game down. I had to force him to put the game down. 

This game is an Icy Adventure. Your child must help guide Olaf across 60 imaginative levels inspired by the mythical kingdom of Arendelle. Your child will help navigate Olaf through accessible challenges, dangerous environments and not so friendly natives. During the challengest you will find hidden treasures and unlock character bonuses along your adventure. 

Overall this is a very cute game for your children. I even snuck his 3ds to play this game. I thought it was very cute and fun. I would highly recommend this game for kids. It is not violent and it fun and great for kids. It was not to hard to play either. Which is great because their are times where my son will get frustrated and this did not happen once. I think he may have asked me to help him once or twice. You can find this game at your local store or

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