Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sister Gourmet Review

Are you looking for something unique for Christmas? Do you loving baking or someone in your family love baking? You should check out Sister's Gourmet. They are a great company that puts that special touch to gourmet baking mixes. Great idea for the holiday season.

I received two of their Gourmet Baking Mixes for review. I received double chocolate oatmeal cookie mix and cinnamon snowflake cookie mix. When I received Sister Gourmet I was impressed how they where packed. They where very well packed and kept safe through shipping. After unwrapping I was impressed on how cute they looked. When it comes to the holidays I do not know about you, but I am always running out of time. With Sister's Gourmet cooking mixes they have all the dry ingredients all ready for you in a mason jar.

Both jars had all the ingredients except for eggs, real butter and vanilla. I had to get those out for the recipe. Which is not bad at all. Sister's Gourmet commitment to you is that they offer you the highest quality ingredients in their baking mixes.

Both mixes came in a mason jar which had layers of ingredients that made up that specific cookie. The top of the jar had special holiday wrapping paper tied with a nice bow. The bow had an ingredient and recipe card attached to the bow.

When I made the holiday cookies from my mixes, I will have to admit that the ingredients mixed well. It also saved a lot of time getting all the ingredients together. The only ingredients I had to supply was real butter, eggs and vanilla. It was simple pre-heat the over and mix the ingredients and put on the cookie sheet and bake. 

I was pretty impressed with the taste of the cookies they were homemade. I shared them with the family and they thought I spent hours making them. They where surprised when I let them know I received the mix from Sister's Gourmet and they where all ready to go. They have a variety of mixes and all ready to be shipped out in time for the holidays.

Check their site out here.


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