Monday, November 18, 2013

RoboMe Review (holiday gift guide)

Are you looking for something amazing to get you child for Christmas? WowWee introduces their newest product RoboMe. RoboMe is the perfect holiday gift for tech and robotic fans. RoboMe can be used my children and adults. RoboMe was created to blend personality and technology together at last. RoboMe is a completely customization robotic buddy that uses the power of your iPhone.
When I received my RoboMe I was totally blown away. When I saw the RoboMe online I thought it was pretty cool, but I did not expect it to be like this. I thought it would be a lot smaller than it is. It pretty decent size. A lot bigger that what I originally thought. RoboMe does require a iPhone product to operate. You will need to download the app, after is all set up on your phone place it where the head of the robot is. There is a special location where it will fit your phone and protect it from getting damaged. One of my biggest worries that is my phone is going to get damaged. Well it fits nice and does not get loose easily. RoboMe is packed with advanced technology for example: voice command recognition, remote video control, and facial tracking. RoboMe has a fully customized personality, voice recognition, and speech synthesis. The remote video control via Robo Eye Merge, face detection and tracking.
When we tested RoboMe we were very amazed on how this product work. I have never seen anything like this before. It very easy to navigate, so children will not become to frustrated with it. Everyone will have a fun time playing with RoboMe. The only negative thing about putting it together is it took a little bit over an hour and my son kept asking me is it ready yet mom? The only concern that I had about this product is will it break easy? Sometimes with boys you know how they can be with toys a little rough. Well moms I can safely say this toy can handle a little roughness. When our RoboMe fell over there was no scuff, break or any damage to it. Guilty as charged I also hit a few walls. I was amazed that there was no damage what so ever. 
Overall I would highly recommend this toy for Christmas. I believe that it is going to be very popular. My son had a great time having the robot perform tricks, having the robot talk to him and telling the robot what to do. There is so much you can do with this toy and spend hours and hours playing with it. Watch out parents this is one of those toys you do not want your children catching you playing with!. You can buy this at WowWee website or at your local toys r us.

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