Friday, November 15, 2013

RC Extreme Hero Iron Man Review (holiday gift guide)

Flying RC Extreme Hero - Iron ManDo you have a child who loves super hero's? My five year old son is a super hero fanatic. Although my son does not have a favorite super hero at the moment. He is very fond of Iron Man. When I first learned about RC Extreme Hero Iron Man. I did not believe what I heard. For the first time ever, Iron Man fans will be able to let Iron Man fly through the air at incredible distances with the new RC Extreme Hero. EB Brands has created this product.

RC Extreme Hero Iron Man is recommend for ages 8 and up. The suggested retail prices is $69.99. I am very excited to be able to review this product. I have never seen a product quite like this. When I received this product in the mail it was quite larger than I expected it was going to be. The technology of this product performance is amazing. This product is 19 inch's and fully detailed. This product is very detailed and look exactly like Iron Man. RC Extreme Hero Iron Man can fly more than 200 feet in the air. I can not believe this. This has never been accomplished before. I will admit this is one of my favorite toy RC that has ever been made. Nothing can compare to how amazing this product is. This product may look hard to use, but in reality it is very easy to use. The controller is a 2.4 GHZ. 

This product is made out of durable reinforced foam. The features that are used on this product is a patented steering mechanism an power to weight ratio. If you were wondering how exactly does this product work? You throw him up in the air like and airplane and let him soar through the air. Iron Man Hero charges through a connecting adapter and comes with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The batteries take about 45 minutes to charge for 7 minutes of flight time. The remote requires 6 AA batteries. When using this product you should use it outdoors only.

If your child loves super hero's I would highly recommend investing in RC Extreme Hero Iron Man for Christmas. This is one of a kind and very unique. If you decide to buy this for a present this year. Your child will unwrap a fantastic present. 

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