Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hammacher Schlemer Review

Hammacher Schlemer is one of my favorite companies. When I entered the site online it was very class and easy to navigate through. When I entered their site I noticed a saying underneath there name it said "Offering the Best, The Only, and The Unexpected since 1848. At first when I read that I thought to my self I doubt that. This was before I looked through the site and delt with the company. Boy was I wrong They have so many different products. I could not believe how many items that I never seen before. There where more items that I was not familiar with than I was familiar with. Which shocked me. They have a great variety of products and have something for everyone. Young children, children, teens, young adults, adults and elders. What a site that can incorparate almost every age group and gender. This is my kind of site.
Before i start sharing what I got to review from this wonderful company.

 I wanted to share a quote that was on there site that I thought was very important.

“To enhance our customers’ lives by bringing them unique products that either solve problems or further their lifestyle, and eliminate their need to comparison shop by providing them with, not only the best products in the marketplace, but the information supporting the reasons why these products are truly the best.”

I had the chance to review their Carrera Slot Car Race Set. I remember as a child playing wit my brothers slot car set for hours and hours. This bring back many good memories. Recently I have been on a search to find a great slot car set, but was not able to find a decent one. I came across a wonderful, durable and greaty quality slot car set on Hammacher Schlemer site. This slot car set is made by Carrera. Carrera is one of the best slot car makers since 1963. You will only find this set available at Hammacher Schlemer and this set retails for about 119 dollars. This set was amazing!! When we opened up this set the track is about 
29 1/2'. I love how this set offers two loops. Honestly that is my favorite part of racing is going through the loops. This set also has two lane changes, a flyover, and 180 high bank curved. I have had a problem with the other sets that the cars do not stay on the track well. I was impressed with the cars that come with this set. They are designed to have double contact brush that provides a secure connection to the track. I would say overall this is the best slot car racing set that I have found. If you are looking or a great set I would definitely invest in this set, you will not be disappointed. I will guarantee hours and hours of fun on Christmas.

You can find many great items for your holiday season at Hammacher Schlemer online. Click the link below to visit their site.

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