Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gears Gears Gears Wacky Factory from MMP Living Review (holiday gift guide)

I recently came across a wonderful site called MMP Living. I really like what this company has to offer. I love when I come across sites that offer just about everything you are looking for and more. MMP Living offers a variety of products from toys, housewares, outdoor, baby, office, sports, travel, pets, crafts, wedding and parties and exclusives. 
MMP Living recently sent me Gears Gears Gears Wacky Factory toy to review for my holiday gift guide. The first thing that I look for in a great company is their customer service. I will have to say that their customer service was one of the best that I have dealt with in a quite a while. They were friendly, helpful, and they treated me great. When I received the package it was well packaged with packing materials to keep the product safe. 
When my son and I opened up Gears Gears Gears. We were pretty excited to start building. The best thing about this product is that their are other Gear Gear Gears sets and you can combine the pieces together. Which is great. When you decide you want to add more sets you can and grow your collection. I know I get very excited when I find a toy that is educational. To me that is the best kind of toy out there. It amazing to watch your child imagination and creativity building. I love watching my son create new things.
Gears Gears Gears Factory comes in a nice storage bucket. It a nice sturdy size bucket that holds 130 pieces. I was amazed that this site contain 130 pieces. That is a lot of pieces. When I told my son how many pieces he said he could create just about anything he wanted. In this set there are three different size gears and bases. You can decided where you want to build simple or get advanced building. This set comes with an activity guide and stickers. This set is recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

Overall my son enjoyed playing with this toy. He had a lot of fun being creative and figuring out which parts went wear. Gears Gears Gears has brought him hours and hours of fun playing with this toy. If you are looking for something different this holiday season I would defitnely stop by MMP Living and check out Gears Gears Gears and their other products. You will not be disappointed. You can find their website at

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