Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Campus Book Rental Review

The holidays are quickly approaching. Around this time of year I try to find ways to save money. This year I know I one place that will help me save money for my textbooks and that is Campus Book Rental. I know as a parent and as a student how pricey college books can be. I am an online student so majority of the time my college books tend to be e books. Although there are times where I am sent home with text books.

With Campus Rental Books you can find textbooks that you need for your courses and only pay a fraction of the cost. Also it is convenient and will save you time by finding your textbooks on Campus Rental Books. With just a click you search for the book you need and with another simple click you can rent it. When you are done with your book you can simply return your book back to Campus Book Rental. Also instead of paying outrageous book prices, only rent your book for the amount of time you actually need it. 

I know that you are thinking that Campus Book Rental is to good to be true. That the one thing that is stopping your from renting is that you need to be able to mark and highlight in your book. Well I am here to tell you that your are allowed to do that. It will not get you in trouble. That is one of my favorite things about Campus Book Rentals. Also when you are ordering your textbooks there is no shipping costs for you when you order. 

Are you a student who has unwanted textbooks? I know I am. Campus Book Rental also has a recently new program that is called RentBack option. You can find this option at RentBack program is where it allows college student to unwanted textbooks students that they own to other students. This helps college students make a little extra money from their unwanted textbooks. I know that is what I am going to in the next few weeks! If you are looking to save money or make a little extra money for the holiday. Check out Campus Book Rental now!

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