Monday, November 25, 2013

American Girl Bitty Baby Review

My daughter who recently turned three has taken a liking to baby dolls. I was excited when I learned tat American Girl came out with a new line called Bitty Baby. I remember when I was a girl and how much I loved American Girl and now I am excited that I can share Bitty Baby with my daughter. Bitty Baby is recommend for ages 3 and up. 

It is time to check out American Girls new line Bitty Baby. Just in time for Christmas. Bitty Baby new line includes 15-inch baby dolls, clothing, accessories and story books. Their are 11 different dolls that you are able to choose from. Each Bitty Baby can vary skin tones, hair and eye color combinations. You can choose your perfect Bitty Baby for your special princess.

When we received our own Bitty Baby, I was highly impressed. Our Bitty Baby came in a special box and helps keep the Bitty Baby protected. When we opened up the box there was a cute little Bitty Baby inside. My daughter said shhh leave her alone she sleeping. The babies eyes would open and shut. When you lay your Bitty Baby down she would close her eyes. I was impressed in the quality and durable baby doll. Out of all the baby dolls that I have seen, I will say that Bitty Baby is top notch.Our Bitty Baby came with her own sleeper. You can purchase additional Bitty Baby clothing. She also came with special wishing start keepsake toy. My daughter also loved the Bitty Baby and me Book that came with it. 

We received a book that came with our Bitty Baby and additional four other stories. We now have the complete Bitty Baby and Me Books. I would highly recommended in investing in this series for your little one. These stories are amazing. They have amazing illustrations and great storyline. I am a huge fan of books and I would say that this series is one of my favorites. I would recommend investing in this series and sharing these special books with your special princess.

Overall this would be an amazing gift for your little princess this year! It is a great collections for a great price. Bitty Baby, special wish star and Bitty Baby and Me book retails for 80.00. Make your princess smile on Christmas and invest in one of these beautiful Bitty Babies. 

American Girl/ Bitty Baby 



  1. I never knew that American Girl had small babies. I strictly thought it was all the older girl dolls. This is so amazing! I will definitely be checking into them for holiday gifts this year! Thanks!

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