Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pound Puppies: Holiday Hijinks DVD Review

 My children are huge fans of Pound Puppies. I remember when I was a kid I have stuff animals of Pound Puppies. The famous Pound Puppies gang are back- Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Strudel, Squirt and Mr. Nut-Nut. On November 5th 2013 Shout Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios is releasing Pound Puppies: Holiday Hijinks DVD. 

Can the gang make sure that every pet has a home this holiday season? You can find out in this holiday filled DVD. Holiday Hijinks has five holiday episodes.

The five episodes that are on this DVD are

  • I Heard The Barks On Christmas Eve
  • I Never Barked For My Father
  • Barlow 
  • Good Dog McLeish
  • Prince And The Pupper

Overall this Dvd was filled with Holiday Cheer!! My son and daughter absolutely loved this DVD. I loved when the Puppies tried to make sure that every pet had a home for the holidays. I really like the message behind it and my kids loved the story. I would highly recommend this DVD for your children for the holidays. 

Buy It: You can purchase Pound Puppies: Holiday Hijinks at a DVD retailer near you starting November 5th.

Disclosure: I received one or more product for review purposes and is 100 percent my honest opinion.

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