Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pickle Peas Review

Are you looking for something special and unique for your baby/toddler. You have come to the right place. Pickle Peas is a unique organic clothing line. Their clothing line is fun and not like any other clothing line. Their outfit are customized for each child. 

I was sent a 12 month old boy shirt and pants set for review. Pickle Peas is proud to make a positive impact on their environment. Their clothing is earth friendly fabric that is 100 percent organic cotton. When I opened up the package they wrapped the outfit in pretty tissue paper. When I took the outfit out the first thing that I noticed is how soft the outfit was. I wish all clothing could be that gentle and soft. 

The pants were 12 months in size. They came in grey color. What I love about these pants are soft and great quality. The stretch a little bit. I also like how the pants have elastic at the top where you can stretch them and fit your baby/toddler. The shirt that I received was a blue color long sleeve shirt. What is different about this shirt is that there is an animal print on the front of the shirt. The one that it came with is a monkey. What is really unique is you can take off the monkey and put another animal/truck on your child shirt. You can change them how often you would like, due to the snaps that are on the back. Which is really nice is that you can have a nice shirt and can change the decal when ever you would like.

 Overall I would recommend Pickle Peas and their clothing store. They have wonderful customer service. They are very friendly. Also they have amazing baby clothing that is super soft for your baby/toddler. This would make a great expectant gift, shower gift. or even holiday gift for Christmas. You can find their clothing on their website below 



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