Sunday, October 20, 2013

Okiedog Review (holiday gift guide)

Are you going on a trip this year for the holiday season? I know in my household when you tell my children they are going on a trip they get excited. Recently I was introduced to an amazing site called Okiedog. They have variety of products from diaper bags to children animal suit cases. 
A little bit about Okiedog is that they are a fun loving company. There goal is to make families lives more fun, more convenient and in a truly original way. They are very dedicated to making products for children and committed to making the best and safest product possible. 

I recently received one of their wildpack rolling luggage tiger for review. When I found this product on their website I thought it was adorable. When I saw it in person it was even more adorable. This product is a little small, but perfect size for your toddler. It will hold a couple of days worth of clothing. When I opened up the suitcase I noticed the zipper zipped up with no problems. That is a deal breaker for me when I am packing. If the zipper does not work I will not use that suitcase. I love how the ears of this suitcase are very soft and fabric. The tiger is not soft and harder material so it will not get damaged during travel. When I open this product up I love how there is one side where their is a mesh net where you can put tooth brush, brush, socks ect. The other side is where you can pack our child's clothes. It fits quite a lot. 

I would highly recommend this product whether you use it for fun or for travel. It is very durable for travel. I love how my children were very curious by this product and they wanted to pack their self. You can find this product and their other amazing products on their site here.




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