Friday, October 4, 2013

Mutant Pollutants from Zuru Review

 Are you looking for something new and creative for your children. I know my son is getting at that age where he is getting into that boy stuff. Well this holiday season I am trying to find stocking stuffer ideas for his stocking. I came across a site that I never heard of Mutant Pollution from Zuru. When I first heard about this site I thought it was quite interesting and would be a great fit for my five year old son. 

Image CaptionMutant Pollution is a great fun site for any child. The only issue that I see arising with this product is that my son will sneak them off to school. Mutant Pollution is a factory bursting with pollution suddenly contaminates innocent creatures turning them into mutant pollutants. You can find some mutant pollutant that glow, that are metallic, and some even change color with temperature. 

We received a 3 pack of mutant pollutants for review. When I opened the package up I noticed that they were actually cute and knew right away my son would like them. I like how you can see two of them in the package and the third one is covered up and is a surprise. I love packages like that when you get a mystery prize. I think it brings a little more excitement to the toy. When my son took them out of the package he started sticking them everywhere and on everything! The reason why they were sticking everywhere is that they had suction cups on their bodies to make them fun. 

Here are some fun ideas on how you can use your new Mutant Pollutants. You can use them to wrap around your pen, stick them on your cup, refrigerator,  window, lunchbox, bike ore even your backpack. Make sure you check these Mutant Pollutants out they would make the greatest stocking stuffer for Christmas. You can check them out here. 

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