Monday, October 28, 2013

Love Cooking Company Review (holiday gift guide)

 I know around the holidays I love to bake. This time of season it always seems like there is something baking like cakes, cookies, muffins you name it. Although there are times that I get frustrated with my baking pans. There are times that they bend to much and that is one of my pet peeves. 

Recently I came across a site called Love Cooking Company. Here is a little background about there company. They believe in that there is no higher value than showing your loved one that you care. Love Cooking was created to embrace and inspire more loving moments. I can agree with them about cooking can create good memories. I have a great time cooking with my children. Love Cooking Company has partnered up with Mrs. Fields company. 

 I was excited when Love Cooking Company sent me a Mrs. Fields cake pan and 12 muffin pan for review. The first product that I received was a Mrs. Field 9" Cake Pan. When I first looked at this pan I tried to bend it. This pan would not bend at all. I will be honest I tried really hard to see if it would bend. I was really excited that it would not. This pan is a non stick carbon steel. When I tried to bake my cake in this pan it was amazing. When I took my cake out of the oven it seemed like it cooked my cake evenly and all the way through. When it was time to get the cake out of the pan it came out easy with out a fight. My cake looked amazing and flawless. I am a huge fan of this product and it my main cake pan from now on.

I also received a Mrs. Field muffin pan. The muffin pan that I received will make 12 regular sized cupcake or muffins. This pan is also a non stick carbon steel. I really like the quality of this pan. I had a great time making banana nut muffins in this pan. It was easy to use. The cupcake liners fit just right in the muffin pan and I had no trouble filling up the pan with batter. When I took the muffins out the looked great. I had no trouble removing the muffins from the pan. I also really like the man pan also and would recommend.

If you are looking to do a lot of baking thi

s year for the holidays. I would recommend going to Love Cooking Company and investing in Mrs. Fields pans. I know am looking at more of their products and going to be investing in a cone cupcake pan very soon. You can find Love Cooking Company at their website.


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