Sunday, October 20, 2013

Godefroy Mascara Warmer Review (holiday gift guide)

Mascara WarmerIf you are looking for professional salon products for your eyelashes or eyebrows you need to check out Godefroy. Godefroy offers amazing and unique products. I recently received their mascara warmer.

I could not wait to try this product out. Before receiving this product I was not aware that they even made mascara warmer. This product retails for 19.95 on Godefroy. This product helps eliminate clumping on lashes, quick heat up, can be used with all mascara brands, it helps to create a well defined curl. 

I was eager to try this product out right away. I decided to plug it in right away and put my mascara in the warmer. I let it warm out when I was applying my other make up. I was surprised on how quickly that my mascara warmed up. When I took it out of the warmer it was warm and not clumpy. It applied smoothly to my lashes. I was impressed on how better my lashes looked. I would highly recommend this product. I know that my mascara warmer is going to be kept in my bathroom, so I can use this product daily. You can find their products on their website here.


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