Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fake Bake Luxurious Golden Bronze 60 Minutes Tan Review

NEW Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan The holiday season are coming up quickly and I know that time a year I have a lot of appearances to make. I know this holiday season I am looking to find the best fake tan out their. It seems like I have tried a lot of fake tanning products and they seem to never work. I hate spending a lot of money for product that do not give you that tan that you are looking for. If you have tried fake tans before you know that you usually have to wait about 6-8 hours for that tand to develop and you are not always gurantee a great tan. I also afraid that after applying the product you will see streaks. 

I recently was introduced to Fake Bake Luxurious Golden Bronze 60 minutes tan. What brought curiosity about this product is that it claimed that the tan developed a tan in 1-3 hours. The price was also in range where the other fake tans usually range.

I applied this product in the morning, so when evening arrived my tan would be ready. When I tried this product I applied it and left in on for a three hours. After three hours I noticed that my skin was a darker color. Since my skin is a very light color it gave my skin a nice tan that looked decent. I was impressed with the product that it did not leave any streaks and my tan looked natural. 

Overall I was highly impressed with this self tanner. It made my skin look great. I love how it only takes about 3 hours to get a great tan. This would be great for the upcoming holiday parties!!

 You can find fake bake products on their site here.


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