Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Corn-n-Tater Microwave cooking bag Review (Holiday Gift Guide Review)

There are times when I cook my vegetables in the microwave on paper plates . Than I started to think is that completely safe or what chemicals are going into my vegetables? Recently I was introduced to Corn-n-Tater microwave cooking bag. I really enjoyed the concept of this product. There are times that I cook vegetables in the microwave because I do not have time and notice that after cooking them in microwave they are not always taste fresh. 

I was recently sent a Corn-n-Tater microwave cooking bag for review. When I opened up the package the first two things that I noticed that it was a nice size and had a pretty design fabric. The Corn-n-Tater cooking bag is designed to cook your food to your perfection the microwave without loss of flavors or consistency. The Corn-n-Tater has a unique moisture retaining blend of cotton and bamboo materials. It is also free of BPA chemicals.

I really enjoy this product and it is very easy to use. I love using this product to cook my potatoes in. I usually put them on a paper plate and let them cook. I know that probably is not the best way in cooking them. How you use cook-n-tater is wrap your vegetable in a paper towel put in the cooking bag and put in the microwave. After using this product it is easy to clean up. All you do is toss it in your wash machine and let it air dry. Then you are already to go again. It is small and flat where it easy to store after using. I would highly recommend this product for your kitchen. You can find more information and their product at their website here.

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