Monday, October 7, 2013

Borion Products Review and Giveaway (Holiday Gift Guide)

It coming to the time of year for cold season. I have a strong feeling that this year is going to be a bad season for colds. My children both came down with croup and sinus infections the past few weeks. We recently received a goodie bag for cold season from Boiron. It came in a nice see through bag and gave it that extra special touch. It also was wrapped up with nice blue tissue paper.

In our goodie bag we received three products for the winter season. The first product is Children's Chestal.This came in handy when my daughter and son started with their cough. It was starting to irritate them. This product come in Honey flavor. My daughter is very picky when it comes to any kind of medicine. She refuses to take it but when it came to this product she absolute would take with out force. This product is non drowsy, dye free, no drug interactions, works naturally with your body. This product is recommend for ages to 2-12 years in age. I gave both of my children 5 ml every 2 hours as needed. This helped relieve their throats for a short time. Although my son had a serious case of croup the Honey Chestal cough syrup helped is cough a little bit. I would highly recommend this product for your child.

The next product that we received is their Oscillococccinum. This product is for flu like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue. This is also non drowsy, no side effects, no drug interactions, works naturally with your body. This product comes in 6 does per package. This is for children 2 years of age and older. I really like how this medicine is dispensed. In the package there is 6 pre measured medicine in the package. All you do is rip the tube open and dispense in mouth. Which is really easy and no fuss. You can take this medicine every 6 hours and only up to 3 times a day. This would be a great product if you feel like you have the flu.

The last product that we received was their Coldcalm. This product was my favorite one out of all three. Coldcal come with 60 dissolving tablets. This product is for sneezing, running nose, nasal congestion and minor sore throat. This product is also non drowsy, no side effects, no drug interactions, work naturally with your body. This product is recommend for ages 3 year and older. When you first notice symptoms you want to dissolve 2 tablets in the mouth for every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Then after that dissolve 2 tablets for every hour until symptoms relieved. It did not take many tablets until my cold symptoms were relieved. I really liked this product and it seemed to help my cold.

These product would work great for the holiday season. I would highly recommend this brand of product for cough and cold symptoms. 

Borion is offering a holiday gift pack to one lucky winner!! Enter below for a chance to win the products that are listed above!!

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  1. I like the Oscillococccinum. It does work. I would love to try the Coldcalm.

  2. chestal for my kids thanks

  3. gfc follower jelaws5

  4. The Chestal would be great for my young boys!


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